Greetings from Sunny Dahab


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Hi to you all,

Im Nicole (Colajam) i drink too much cola but it gives me the energy to jam!
Im english but live in sunny Dahab in Sinai, Egypt.

We are starting to run belly dance workshops at our guest house in Dahab in spring 2007, and i am really looking forward to learning myself. I tried it in turkey before and i think i was a natural :lol:

Im really looking forward to shimmy-ing and shakin my thang. Does anyone have any good tips for begginers?

Happy christmas and new year to you all,



belly taz

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hi and welcome to the the forum...have fun shimming,the workshops sound like good fun keep us posted when you start them:D


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Hello Colajam,

A warm welcome from me too.

Since our world is so global - you don't happen to be the English girl that took part in a workshop in March 2005, when a whole bunch of bellydance-students were in Dahab for a dance holiday? If you are - I'm the one who translated for you.

And as miss shimmy already said - practise practise practise. If a movement desn't work, do it real slow until your body understands what your head wants it to do. Fluency will come with practise.


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Thanks all and seasons greetings

Thanks all for your warm welcome and advice on practise. i am really glad i found this forum :D

Kaydeera - im not the english lady who was on the workshop in Dahab last year. Just done a little in turkey. But am looking forward to learning with Caroline Evanoff at our Dahab workshops in 2007. But i hope i get a chance to meet you one day.

Thanks again all and seasons greetings



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Hello colajam!

Welcome from Finnish dancer living in Cairo. Maybe we will meet one day! If you can, come to one of the dance festivals held in Cairo many times a year.


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Thanks all


Thanks to you all for being so great and friendly.

I am hoping to come to Cairo soon! We have been quite busy in Dahab last few weeks. Would love to meet those of you who are there and if any of fancy a holiday in Dahab please let me know :dance:

Thanks again all....glad i joined this forum :clap:

Nicole (colajam)


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Welcome from another cola addicted lol (diet cola grrr)
Enjoy reading- posting, and heyyyyyyy since you are in Egypt, give it a try for shaking.

Maria Aya, Greece:dance: