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Hello folks!

Stumbled upon this site and have been perusing the forums a bit. I figured this may be a good place to ask my question. Hopefully i am not missing a thread on this subject as i went back several pages looking for something similiar and failed to find anything, so here goes!

I am a straight guy, married, who is a part time Crossdresser (quite passable even.) Yes, my wife knows and tolerates, bless her heart. It is basically an escape mechanism for me. So, my wife has put on a few pounds and brought up belly dancing as a way for her to burn some calories; she also appreciates the grace and beauty of the movements and attire.

So, me being proactive and supportive of her started researching something i knew little about. It helped that while i am back in the US for awhile i was able to catch a show called "Shimmy" on Fit TV. I have since got the ball rolling for her with some instructional DVD's and she will be starting soon.

Here's my purpose for posting: I also am intrigued!

I know I know. "Oh, you are one of those CDs who are only interested in the outfits." Not true! I see this being able to help develop grace and a more feminine deportment while i am ahem, dolled up (please don't think drag queen...i'm not. Quite fashionable thank you!)

I know communities of all types (including this one) are image protective, which is why i am posting this. To get a feel of what i could expect should i pursue this outside of the house. Hypothetically, what would be the reception of a CD belly dance student if my wife and i were to step out of the basement DVD learning phase?

I am genuinely curious. I noticed a growing appreciation of male dancers, but honestly that doesn't appeal to me. I get enough masculinity during my job and day to day activities (VERY Alpha male centric occupation which i DO love and wouldn't trade for anything. Something my hobby seems to jeopardize :confused:) I am drawn to the overwhelming sensuality and femininity of (female) belly dance. I am wonderfully fit (thank you job) but not of the bulging muscles body type (bad genetics i guess :lol: ) Long and lean thank you very much. Oh...and don't maintain alot of body hair, so no hairy shoulders or back to worry about if i was dancing :naghty: .

What say the enlightened folks of this forum? Would I be laughed out of a studio/school, encounter reserved acceptance or genuine acceptance. From both instructor AND other students. I know...very general question. Any other thoughts?

Your advice is much appreciated as i am genuinely intrigued with this ;) Hope you understand what i am asking, as on a proof read i realized this has become rather long :lol:)


P.S. Based on my admission of CD, if you think the name has something to do with an'd be WRONG :rolleyes:

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I'm not sure what you are saying here - do you want to dance as a cross-dressing bellydancer? Because I don't think it would go over too well. A lot of male dancers are trying to get over the stereotype that if you dance you must not be a real guy and while you may not feel that way, it would be taken that way.


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I would say that if your job where you are a manly-man would be jeopardized if you were spotted "in the wild" in drag and belly dancing, then you have to think about what you're going to do regardless of what any of us have to say.

That said and out of the way, I'd say it depends a lot on the scene(s) (cross dress/drag as well as belly dance) in your city or community. Where I live, there is a lot of burlesque and a lot of drag, so I think that cross-dressing belly dancing would probably go over OK in the right times and places. If you don't have intentions of being a *performing* cross dressing belly dancer, and your question is more to do with "how weird is it going to be if I do belly dance classes while cross dressing", then you need to discuss with teachers you're interested in and see what they think and I'd ask what they think their students (your potential classmates) would say.


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I think it depends on your community. There are some places in Sydney where it wouldn't raise an eyebrow. In others it might lead to physical harm! Where are you based?


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I would contact some local instructors and ask. Some instructors have a "no male" policy that would effect you, even if you're cross dressed.