"Guess the city" game


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Dear everybody who enjoys games and prizes section.

This is called “ guess the city game” . Somebody post a picture or pictures of a city and we have to guess the name of the city. Until somebody correctly guesses the name the game continues.

When the first one is solved you put the next picture, anybody can join this game and you can guess and post your answer multiple times. I will put a score board here in this first post if we have a large participant..

There should be clue/s given with the picture and picture should be an aerial view or with a major landmark, just to make the guessing easier. So here I start first.

clues - 1.Middle eastern city

Ps- The first person who scores 10 will get an attractive compliment from me.(The first one to answer correctly will recieve 1 point)
Please check your score board for any discrepancies . ;)

Name ------------------ Score
Aniseteph ---------------- 2
Maariku --------------- 2
Shanazel ---------------- 1
PriscilaAdum------------------ 1
Jenc ------------------- 1
Gisela ------------------------ 1
Zurah ------------------------ 1
Samira Aya.............................2
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Dev, is it Kuala Lumpur?
And Janaki, I agree with Dev, it looks like it could be Singapore.


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My vote is for Kuala Lumpur too. What a wonderful idea for a game, Dipali

My turn then. Clue: these old-looking buildings really date just from after World War II


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Okay, here comes the least cosmopolitan member of the forum to add her wild guesses to the stew.

Old British Colony- Hong Kong

Old Building from pre- WWII. Warsaw


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EDIT: Didn't realise that stupid URL made it too easy, you're right Jenc.
Here's another city:

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I presume that it's not a trick question and it really is Amsterdam

another easy one

SV200039.jpg (66.4 KB)
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Indeed :)

Sorry Jenc I have no idea what your easy city is :redface:
Oh I didn't actually notice the URL on your last post. I've been to Amsterdam several times and you said it was easy.

Mine is BD related......from my last holiday......famous river from hotel window................


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Jenc, if that on your pic is really Cairo, you've managed to catch it from a very good angle. I was just there and I can't really relate to that pic :lol: