Habibi Magazine is online!


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The Best of Habibi digital compilation is up and running!

We are pleased to announce that The Best of Habibi website is now launched.

This free online resource includes the entire compilation of 260 feature articles by knowledgeable contributors in our field. Published by Shareen El Safy from 1992-2002, Habibi-a Journal for Lovers of Middle Eastern Dance and
Arts was previously available only in prominent libraries and by subscription. Now, through the generous support of our advertisers, this informative and educational collection is digitally accessible to our worldwide community. Enjoy!

The Best of Habibi


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I saw that, on Bhuz I think? It is so awesome! I have only read the blogpost about Randa so far but I am going to treat myself to a few articles when I have time. What an amazing resource made available to us :D
and thanks for sharing!


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Great stuff! I have my paper copies but this is helpful for those who don't. Any chance of the earlier ones coming on line as well?


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Shareen does not have access or rights to the earlier editions, but if I recall correctly, they were mostly reviews of shows and lists of "who's doing what this weekend."

When Shareen took it over, it became THE intellectual, academic magazine of the West Coast, "competing" (not really) with Bobby Farrah's East Coast "Arabesque." Again, if I recall correctly, she changed the format to a larger size (11 x 17 or so) with glossy but black and white cover. Our own Andrea Deagon here published a lot of articles in Habibi :)

I have about 5 years worth of the print magazine, scattered throughout about a 7 year period, I think, so it's great to have the articles I missed available. You could always usually order photocopies through interlibrary loan, but this is infinitely better.

Drop her advertisers a line and let them know how much you appreciate their support of this project. Even better -- patronize them as much as you can! I think it's just like here on OD -- if you click the ad, they can tell what site referred you to them.

(But yes, this is the "classic" Habibi we all remember, before it went full on color and low on content.)