Handmade Bindi's


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Handmade Bindi's & Tribal Bindi's For Sale

Good Morning Everyone! Recently I started to make my own bindi's since I wasn't impressed with the prices and quality of many of the ones I could get online. Everything is made with real Swarovski Crystals, glass or high quality plastic beads, and quality metals. They are all backed with acetate film, so if you have a metal allergy no metal will actually touch your skin. However please let me know if you have an allergy to anything when you contact me.

I am making these on my spare time as a hobby so I might not have new bindi's available all the time. However what is showing on my facebook page or posted here are available for purchase. If you like something you see but are interested in getting it in a different color or would like something custom made I am available to do that as well. The prices you see are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping. As of right now I am willing to ship to any location.

Please see my facebook page for everything https://www.facebook.com/dianasbindis
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