Harassing/Threatening Postal Mails?


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Dancers -- if you or anyone you know has recently received any type of harassing or potentially threatening postal mail, please please please message me. We think someone might be targeting belly dancers, and we might be able to build a federal case.

Please put the word out to other dancers in your community.

I'll post more information when I can, but please be safe and be vigilant. Thanks gang.

Sophia Maria

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Umm, I'll keep an ear out. What exactly do you mean? What kind of mail and what kind of threats? (If you can say, if you can't that's ok).


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Yeah a small way to identify these letters might be helpful like key phrases or if it is hand written a picture of their hand writing. Something concrete to say "This is part of a larger problem" instead of a home grown angry letter writer appearing coincidentally.


Is this happening in a special area or all over the world? Sounds creepy :( how do they get dancers' addresses?

da Sage

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It's pretty clear that the OP is looking to gather information, not share details. I'm glad that I haven't heard from anyone I know in RL that they've received nasty mails. Best wishes for everyone's safety and peace of mind!