hello everybody


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my name is michael, i'm based london UK, my love affair with bellydance and arabic music started in August last year, since then i've moved on from instructional DVD's and onto classes and tuition, becoming more involved with london bellydance community @ bellydance showcases, clubnights, and parties. I'm a student Baladi and Modern Egyptian Oriental/Raqs Sharqi.


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Welcome Michael! I'm new here myself, and though not a dancer, I'm the dad of a dancer here to learn what I can to help her out. Hope to see you around the site! Who knows, maybe I'll even look into a class for myself one of these days. I used to dance ballet when she was taking those classes so why not? I love dance! See ya around the forum!



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welcome michael nice to see that you've found us. catch you around the boards this place is great & very helpful.


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Hello and welcome to the boards, seems you're on the right track there!
Happy posting and reading (and dancing ofcourse)! :D