Hello Everyone From Turkey


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I Am From Turkey. Learning Oriental Dance. The Site Is Nice And Everyone Looks So Friendly. I Am Very Suprised That In Other Countries (out Of Middle East Countries And Turkey) Our Original Dance Is Liked And Performed So Much.i Am Very Proud Of. I Want To Have Friends From All Over The World Who Loves Oriental Dance.


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Hello Esmeralda,

welcome to the forum. You will find lots of information here, and many friends.
Since when have you been learning?


Hi Esmeralda,

glad you joined us. Some of us might start pestering you for translations of Turkish songs :)


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Love to everyone from Turkey

I am learning belly dance since 3 weeks. But I was always interested about this dance. I can say that I am not the begining level altough I didnt take any lessons. Besides I have done latin dances before and a little bit flamenko (3 months). In our country belly dance is much popular in courses nowadays. İn the past it didnt have good reputation. Even now. When I say somebody I take orıental dance course, they suprıse and ask why I am taking. "Will u be a dansöz? " they ask. Like some kind of despise. Or they think it is an erotic dance not see the dance as an art maybe. I dont know. But I am sad about this. When I read the posts in this site, I am very glad I see people from Germany, Netherlands,Greece, Usa, Belgıum,..etc.
By the way of course I can translate u the Turkish songs lyrics. See u by.


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Merhaba Maria Aya and Helen,
How nice to see you write in Turkish.
My teacher is Ayşegül Zengil. She is not a famous one like Nesrin Topkapı, Tanyeli or Asena. In fact they are not giving lessons at the moment. Orıental dance courses is not common here as we think that this country is the origin of this dances. Latin courses is everywhere but you can not find oriental.
But groups like Anadolu Ateşi (Sultans Of the dance= Fire of Anatolia)
uses oriental dance besides many other folklorik Turkish dances. So the aspect is changing I hope everyday.
I am from İstanbul. Have u ever been here? Last weekend I went to Kapalıçarşı. (the Old Ottoman bazaar) Very nice costumes I have seen. But I bought one Shakira belt. You know with the coins on it.You tie it to the hip. İf you have never been here I advice u.
As a Turkish girl, I think I have the advantage of being inclined to oriental dance. (Elastic movements of arms, hips, etc.)Because when ı was a little child I watched Nesrin Topkapı and I said I want to be a dansöz(oriental dancer) but in fact this is a bad thing for many of the families. Now I am 30 years old. and I want to perform this dance as an art besides the architecture.


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Hi Esmeralda, nice to meat you.
I've been on holiday for a week in the Europian part of Istanbul, almost 10 years ago. Beautiful city!
I am so happy you want to perform the dance as an art form. I know some people that bought a costume in Turkey and it were really "sexy bellydancer" costumes, I don't really like those.
Do they also sell less revealing costumes in Turkey?


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Hi Esmeralda!

I have been to Istanbul twice, one time in summer and one time in winter. I really loved it! I took a workshop with Nesrin Topkapi there. She's great! I took also one with Hale Sultan, a very sweet and talented dancer, she's here on the forum sometimes as well.

I know they have lovely costumes in the kapalicarsi! Some friends of mine bought costumes there.
Moon, they are not too revealing and quite budget-friendly :lol:

I wish I could go to Istanbul more regularly, but I'm usually going to Ankara and Izmir since that is where my fiance's (bir Türk tabii ki ;) ) family lives. Unfortunately the bellydance scene in Ankara and Izmir seems non existant so you're lucky to live in Istanbul.:D


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Hello from İstanbul :)

There are schools especially in İzmir. I have never take lessons there but I know. There is a web site d a n c e n t r u m - KýPýR kIpIr D a n s P l a t f o r m u if you know a little bit Turkish you can manage it or your friend can help you. You choose the location in Turkey and the dance style you want to learn. There are a few schools there also in ankara I think. When u decide to come again u can look at there. But if anyone of you come to İstanbul I want to meet u :)
Some of the costumes are too sexy.yes. I can never wear them and dont want either. But I especially like Asena's costumes. (a famous dancer.but her style is different from the traditional style.) I dont know if you have the chance to watch Turkey television. But here is a contest "Oriental Star" in ATV. İn saturday nights. Very good performances you can watch. Very different costumes. And each week they bring a mixage of oriental with other styles. For example African oriental, Eyptian oriental, so you can see the differences and can broad your vision.


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the site name is dancentrım.com
I looked at the dictionary and fiance = engaged hımm :)
then u will be a bride of us in the future. How nice.


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Thanks for the info Esmeralda! I'm going to Ankara for New year, but I'll not have time to take classes.

We cannot watch ATV here, only TRTint :( but I'll try to look when I'm in Ankara.

Kendini iyi bak!!
Welcome Esmeralda, Wow I learned so much just fom your inital posts! Maybe you can post some videos from the "OrientalStar", it would be great to view them.


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welcome esmeralda!

i understand what you mean about bad reputation. My husband thinks this when i first start classes. But at the recitals and shows he sees different. I have Musliminah friends in turkey..would love to come and plan in a couple of summers!