Hello everyone


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Hi, great website. I found it some time ago while looking for a DVD and finally got myself registered! :dance:
I love bellydancing, the music makes me feel good... but I'm not a dancer :( . I take classes though, so maybe with time and lots of practise...
Please, tell me - how often do you practise at home?
Thanks and enjoy the day! Taka


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Hi Taka,

Big hello to you. I am gald you found this site. It is full of great information and it also inspires you learn and dance more. Now I am an instructor in Hong Kong and I teach 10 classes a week. But I practice 3 - 4 times a week to just perfect my technique or to present it in a different way. Happy dancing!!!



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Welcome...It is a great place to hang out with other belly dancers and to get good information! I practice about 3-4 times a week and I have 2 classes a week.


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thanks, that helps - I need to find time and practise more!!!!! Luckily it's fun....