Hello!!! First Day Here, 5th week in lessons

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Hello! This forum was suggested by Jeannie in the yahoo group called Belly-dancing

I will be taking my 5th beginners lesson tomorrow. I have contemplated learning to belly dance for years and I finally got the gumption to do it!!! And, I love it!!!

I've also began blogging about this new, uplifting experience. It's also my first blog! Any advice, suggestions or links about belly dancing, blogging or yoga are most welcome.

I signed up at Blogger.com (BellyDancer's Diary - from the beginning).

In addition to recommending this site, orientaldancer.net, she also mentioned that she's been very happy blogging on Xenga.com.

Since I just started blogging, I'd prefer changing my blog to another .com if it means I'd be able to connect with more dancers.

Again, any suggestions welcome.

Thank you for reading!!!!!
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I just posted my handout to a class I taught at TribOriginal on Internet Marketing for Dancers, where I talk about blogging. If you really wanted to shift it, Tribe.net would be your best choice; it has the most dancers, and the most active communities for dancers, in one spot. At the same time, it is heavy on West Coast Tribal dancers.
However, I think you're fine with it where it is, and you'll certainly be well-linked for Google, as they own the Blogger.com service. It's not my favorite blog host for a beginner (LiveJournal, I find, strikes a better balance overall), yet it works well for a number of people I know.

Good luck!


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Hi Belly Dance Girl,

I'm enjoying your blog. It sounds like you're getting there. Unfortunately, we won't be learning zills in my class. My teacher does teach this but not in beginners. That won't stop me having a go on my own though. I like the tip to dance freely a bit before practicing.



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Welcome to BDing and to this forum! I am newer also. I started last winter but I have taken an interest a while ago and it took me a while to get the courage up to try it...Now I can't get enough! Happy Posting!

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Efharisto poli, Maria! I hope I said and spelled that correctly. I love Greece! I've been to Athens once and Crete twice - Chania, Loutro and Makrigialos.

I would love visit any links you have regarding Greek bellydance. It is the only country I have visited with roots in this dance, so I'd love to learn more about it. Suggestions for music will be much appreciated!