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Dear All,

I learn belly dance since last year, but I have neck pain last three months and so I can't dance, I was very depressed these days. But now I can dance again and go on the lesson.

I'm interested to know more about belly dance and know more about you.

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Welcome in this great forum !!!!

Be patient and the back pains will go away !!!
And hey since you are at Hong Kong why dont you practice some chinese medicine? (Accupancing helped me very much with head pains)

Welcome again

Maria Aya, Greece:)


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Thank you for your advice.

Dear Maria,

Thank you for your advice. I've taken both Chinese and Western medicine, I hope my neck pain can be recovered guadually.

Because I'm the new comer of belly dance. I often confuse about the style of belly dance. Are there several style from Greece, Egypt and India and Arabia? Hope to know more!

I may get married next year (about January), I may travel to Greece for my honeymoon trip.

Best regards,