Hello from Illinois


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Hi my name is Stephanie, I'm 33 yrs old from Illinois. I've been wanting to learn how to belly dance for a while now so thought I'd join this forum to get some tips. Anyone know of any good teaching DVD's out there? I've watched some, tried some but so far not found any with good instruction......tips are appreciated.....hope to get to know you all.



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Hi Stephanie:

Where are you in Illinois? The best way to learn dance is to have a real teacher. Videos can't check your posture and movement and offer correction, so dancers who learn for a long period of time just from videos may develop deeply ingrained bad habits they are not even aware of that take alot of effort to unlearn.

We're well connected. Tell us where you are and we'll surely have teacher suggestions.

(in southern Illinois)


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Hi Sedonia, I am in central Illinois, Champaign Urbana area. I was just browsing a list of instructors in the area and there are two but I'm really looking for private instruction for me and my daughter. Thanks so much for your reply!
Welcome Momani73,I agree with Sedonia, a live teacher beats video instruction for all the reasons she mentioned. I started learning Bellydance almost 5 years ago with Neena and Veena but realized the need for a live teacher. My daughter also dances and its a great way to bond while doing something fun. Happy Dancing!