Hello from Montenegro

Hi to all,
My name is Milica, and I am from Montenegro. I'm 20 and totaly new in oriental dance. I started dancing this dance four months ago but I havebeen always interested in belly dance. I'm member of group called MYSTIC, and we perform about three or four times a month on TV.
If someone is interested let me know and I'll send you our video.


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hi milica. i would like to see your video performance. if you click on my link maybe you can email it to me, not quite sure how that works. or if you have it posted on youtube, if you give me the name of the clip, i can look it up. later.


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Drago mi je

Well I was born here in England, but my family spent so much time wandering over Europe that nobody is quite sure where they started from (except for my Spanish Great Grandmother).


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Welcome, neighbour!!! :))
I hope u'll find many friends here!!!

P.S. Poslala sam ti mail jos davno, nadam se na pravu adresu...


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Zdravo Milice! Ja sam zainteresovana da pogledam video :), pa kad mozes, posalji mi na email...ili uploaduj na Youtube pa ostavi link!
Pozdrav iz Novog Sada!