Hello from Poland;-)


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Hello to all of you, BD fanatics:D ,
Long time no see!
I hope I will have great time like I had before here. This forum is so great and helpful.
I have one quick question right from the beggining: Is name "Amar" strictly a male name?

looking forward for you answers:)

Hugs and shimmies,


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Hi there, and welcome to this fantastic forum for oriental dance.
And no Amar is not stricly a male name.
I know already 2 bellydancers by it,
Amar Gamal (from BDSS) and Amar el Ayoum who is a greek bellydancer

Welcome again

Maria Aya Greece:)


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Hi Maria Aya,

Thank you for your answer to my question. I am glad that you reply because I am about to take Aya Amar name:) Me and a friend of mine are going to have a small celebration during which we will get our BD names. I am very exciting about this.

Have a great day to all of you,



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Dear Aga... Or maybe I should already call you Aya Amar? ;) Welcome back and I hope your dance name will only give you great dance karma :D