Hello from Russia!

Jalilah Shahnaz

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Hello from Moscow!
I am a new person here.
I am glad to be here with you.
My originally name is Ekaterina, but my life's nickname is Jalilah Shahnaz.


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I created this "here". :lol: My wife and I started this site. She is from USA, I'm from Ukraine. With support of many dancers from many countries we built what we have here now. So how can I tell what country? :lol:
I would say Planet Earth :D

Jalilah Shahnaz

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Hmmm))a really great story)
As I probably understand, there are many dancers from the USA here.Am I right?
Are there many dancers from Russia?


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Ochen preyatno:dance:

(That took a lot of scraping around my memory, not much chance to use Russian here, at least I still remember how to read Cyrillic:D )

Fire Lily

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Okay I don't speak Russian. I just get past German with Zedial. But I'd like to come to Moscow one day.


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I have just joined the site and thought I would say hello to a fellow new member.
I'm afraid I don't speak or read Russian.
I'm English and still live in England.
How did you get into Belly Dance and how long have you been doing it?
I am very new to it all but having a ball.


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Hi there and welcome on board.
Enjoy reading and posting Ekaterina :)

Maria Aya, Greece

p.s. Wiggle, is the same bhuz Wiggle????