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I am a newbie to the forum! My name is Nayila and I live in Somerville Texas which is small and is about 1 1/2 hours from houston and the same to Austin. Been dancing for about three years and I specialize in afrofusion. I will start teaching my first beginners class this coming summer for girls and I am really excited! Any advice from you professionals is truly welcomed!
I am married and we have a fiver year old daugher who dances with me. Shimmies are her fave move (who doesn't love a good shimmy?) and she is trying to figure out the veils. hope to learn alot and share alot with everyone...especially tips on Turkish Style and Lebanese style. Hard to get good dvds here!


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welcome to the forum glad you could join....we are all more than happy to share advice and tips with you....:dance:


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DVD's for learning turkish, There is Aretemis who has a nice Turkish DVD fro IAMED. Then there is Aradia out of las vegas has a combinations for egyptian, lebanese and turkish and its really good. Finally for lebaneses, Moussin out of switzerland has a nice instructional DVD on Lebanese style. Hope this helps and welcome