Hello, I'm doris from the Lion City!


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Hi fellow belly dancers,

I'm Doris from the Lion City (Singapore)...
A tiny garden city some where in asia.

Finally I got to see for myself the forum my husband has been telling me about:)

Its amazing to see so many lovely ladies passionate about belly dancing.

My husband found this website when I started learning belly dancing about 3 months ago.

True enough, it is a lively community here:clap:



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Oh, finally she's in.. ha ha..:lol:

wonder how often she's gonna consistently practice her moves..

don't let it get rusty ya?...

anyway, Congratulation Doris.. you've made it here!

A very warm welcome to you :dance:

hey are you still with me??:pray:


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I already wonderded if you were Vinstones wife, Doristic. Welcome, nice to meat you.


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Hi Moon,

Yes u are right.

I not a very computer person & lazy to type that's why I waited till now then I join the forum.

Thks for the welcome!:redface:


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Hi Alaya, Gwinity, belly taz, miss_shimmy, Sara

I'm so happy to see all the reply.

Thanks for the warm welcome!



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Welcome to forum Doris!

I am happy that belly dance is so popular in Singapore - I myself have attended some classes by Claribel (who BTW is a fantastic teacher of *pure* Egyptian style) but mostly I just browse around different special workshops and dance on my own pace...

But have fun with dancing and maybe we will meet one day at some dance happening of Singapore :D