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Hellow everyone. My name is Jazar and I live in Lima, Ohio. I became interested in middle eastern music and dance about three years ago at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Since then I have attended many events. What I consider my home port is Kira's Oasis, a dance studio in Centerville, south of Dayton, Ohio. The second weekend of every month I am there. I'm usually found at the far end of the room, along with two other guys playing our doumbeks. I'm the one wearing the a "Shisha" hat, vest, and a blousy shirt.

Being one of those guys that is interested in everything, I find it not embarrasing to say I have also taken up sewing. Learning to sew has been a real bitch...but very rewarding. I'v saved lots of money making the cloths I wear to festivals and other events. Dressing the part is half the fun.

Iv'r met many interesting people, including some of the "Superstarts" in the belly dance world. Aziza. Roxxanne and Tamalyn Dallal as some of my favorite.
I must also mention Raquy Danziger who has inspired me with her music.

Is there anyone here from Ohio? Fort Wayne, Indiana is an hour to the west. Anyone from there?

Got to go.


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Welcome Jazar to this wonderfull forum
Enjoy reading and posting, and we are happy to have you among us.

Maria Aya, Greece
Hi Jazar, Welcome to the forum! As you can see I'm from Ohio(originally Cleveland but re-located to Akron several years ago). I'm familiar with the Oasis group in your area. Have fun on your visits on the forum!


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Welcome to this forum Jazar!!! Becareful, because it is very addictive!!!:D.
I am belly dance addict (BDA), now I have new addiction.... bellydance forum addiction (BDFA). Happy postings!!!


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Welcome, Jazar!

We're glad to have you and hope you enjoy the forum. Happy posting! :D