hello, i'm new from Belgium

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to have found this site and hope to share many things with you!
I've been following egyptian bellydancing for a few years and i'm becoming more and more passionate about it.


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Hello Belgianbellydancer,

Welcome to the forum, it's a great place to learn new things and tips about bellydancing !! I'm glad to see that little by little more people from Belgium join....

Veel plezier op dit forum en bij het dansen !

groetjes, Meg


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Hi there! Welcome to the forum!!

May I ask who you are taking classes with?

Happy posting!

ps: It seems that all Belgians on this forum are Dutch-speaking.. :think:


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Hi! Welkom op het forum.

Nice to meet you!:D

Helena, are you from the French speaking part of Belgium?
Hi again everobody and thank you!

To answer Helena, I take classes with Marlène.
How about you?

And I'm in fact french-speaking but as I lived for many years in the Netherlands I speak dutch as well.


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Marlène? I don't know her.. Where does she teach?
I'm taking classes with Eva Bailleul now and have taken classes with Serkan and Samyra and some workshops with other teachers.

Yshka, I am from Ghent so Dutch speaking. :D
Hello Yschka, Nayila and Queenie,

Where are you from and where do you dance?

Hello Helena,

I heard about Samyra (but don't know her).
I don't know Eva and Serkan.Where are they from and how are they?
Marlène teaches in several places in Brussels as well as outside somewhere near Affligem I think. She's a great teacher.


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I don't know Eva and Serkan.Where are they from and how are they?

Serkan is the only male bellydance teacher in Belgium. He teaches in Brussels, Ghent and Ninove. He's from Turkey. He has some clips on his website (Belly Dancer Serkan ::: www.serkan.be) . I think he's great and he's also a wonderful teacher.

Eva is teaching oriental and bollywood dance in Ghent. Her style is more folkloric and her classes are very challenging but I like that :D .