Hello, just new to all this!!!


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Hi everyone!! I'm pretty new at this so didn't know what kind of user name to use!! Oh Boy!! I think I messed up on that one .
I have just started to get interested in Bellydancing this past spring. My first DVD was of Amira which I was very thankful to get first, because she really started me out with the bacics and very gentle and easy movements. Now I'm getting into so many ways of the dance from watching all the videos on this site. Thank you so much!!! I hope to learn all that I can:dance:

Now I have to ask someone, ( when do you ever stop sweating so much????)
I have the worst problem with this!! Anyway I hope to have more questions to ask and hope that someone will respond back too!!!

Thank you Cindy


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hello,just new to all this

Hi Cindy welcome and happy posting and dancing......dont worry about the sweat you willget used to it!!it will get better..... Lydia


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Hi Cindy, welcome to the forum and to bellydance! Your stamina will build up with time. Bellydance is just like any other form of exercise in that regard, it gets easier the more you do it :)


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Welcome Cindy,

I have not got a question that's not answered yet..

this is a wonderful place to seek clarification and guidance from...:clap:

The only thing you need to do is dance:dance: