Hello to all from So. Cal


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Hi just joined today. I found this link by accident while I was researching male belly dancing today and found Jamil and others post here, wow what a treat. I had previously joined another dance website that had a forum for belly dancers as well, but that was some time ago. Next week I will resume my belly dance class (adult school at night), it is not the best class around but it does get you at least the basics. I have been taking it from the same instructor for some time and not too thrilled with her. My g/f's and I are scouting for a better class that will teach us more and in detail. An hour for 6 weeks does not cut it and she teaches just bits and pieces.

One of my weaknesses...too many hip scarves...lol:lol:


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Hey Alyx welcome on board !!!!
Enjoy reading and posting... and heyyyyyy there is no such thing as ... too many hip scarfs lol, and even worst, ... too many costumes :cool:

Maria Aya
Athens Greece:)