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Hey all! I'm new to bellydancing--- introduced by a friend of mine. I'm going to start taking lessons soon so I'm surfing stuff to learn about it more (as seen in my first thread ).

Well... that's pretty much me.

Random question--- what age do most people start bellydacing?


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In answer to your question, I was in my early 40's when I started. I started because a friend of mine wanted to start bellydancing but the only way to do it was dig up 8 people to start a class. <grins> I got volunteered and haven't given up. I discoverd I loved it. Good luck on your lessons


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Hi, welcome to the forum. There is no limit. I herard of a girl that started when she was 2 when she was 3 she was performing with her mum:)


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Hi Cherrybaby - welcome! I started dancing in my early 30's, my daughter at 5yrs and my son at 10yrs.

belly taz

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hi and welcome to the forum...i started in my mid 30s and havent looked back i have been dancing now for about 4 years:)


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Hi Cherrybaby,

I didn't know there is a range of age people start belly dancing..

For my wife, she starts at 34..

like youself, she learns from belly dancing videos clips found on the internet too..

But she started out in a class conducted by a local community centre

Welcome to the belly dancing forum..