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Hanan Ahlam

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Hello everyone!

My name is Hanan Ahlam Abboud and I am the founder and principal of Ahlam Bellydance. I speak Arabic fluently and am well versed in the customs, traditions and music of the region. The passion for my culture and the traditions which shape it, has led me to dedicate the last 15 years of my life to teaching and promoting Middle Eastern Dance. By sharing the philosophy and traditions that have shaped this dance, I am endeavouring to dispel the stereotypes that surround this art form and its homelands.

It is not easy being Middle Eastern at any time let alone these days; add to that a Middle Easterner and a Balady dancer and what leg do you have to shimmy on?? haha! Well I shimmy on both and firmly stand my ground. Would love to be involved in some online chatter, (that's why I am here). I spend most of my time online studying the rest dancing and looking after the family so the only time I have to socialise is online in between study!! :)

Cheers Hanan Abboud


Now there is a big ambition...

One of these days, perhaps we should all reintroduce ourselves. Programs, programs. Can't tell the players without a program.