Help me get into Turkish music?!


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I have a few for you, turkish music I listen to and use, I started with turkish style belly dance when I was a teen, I love turkish belly dance. The speed and the fun of the dance style pulled me in YaY Turkish :D

I'm not sure how to help you get into it really:think: I don't really care for egyptian style music but I danced to it when I studied Egyptian style (raqs sharqi- Raqs baladi) now days i use it sometimes, you may just need to listen to a lot of different songs to see what ones you may like;)

YouTube - turkish belly dance music

YouTube - Turkish Bellydance Music

YouTube - Turkish Slow Darbuka


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if you want just some Turkish music, i can suggest you rock music, as i like it the most.
Duman - bu akşam
Duman - Bu Aksam - YouTube

Duman Herşeyi yak
Duman- Herseyi Yak - YouTube

Athena Beyoğlu
Athena - Beyo

and classıc İstanbul versıon of Beyoğlunda gezersin
Beyo (ı love thıs one!)

Demet Akalin - Aşk Demet Akalin - Ask [ Orjinal Klip ] 2O11 - YouTube

try also:
Emre Aydın
Hayko Cepkin
Gece Yolcuları
Mor ve Otesi
Nil Karaibrahimgil

write, if you want more :) and your preferences, if you want only for bellydancing
let me know if youre interested in rather pop/rock music. i can give you more names.