Hi everyone


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:dance: I'm Kumsal from Turkey.I had been doing belly dance for 2 years.Before that I was professional dancer.I'm verry happy that be here:D


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Merhaba Kumsal ve foruma hosgeldin!

I hope you can give us some insight from Istanbul dance scene as here are lots of fans of Turkish dances :D


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Gunaydin !!!!!
I'm Maria from Greece and my "soul twin brother" is Serkan from Turkey.
Welcome and enjoy the forum

Maria Aya:)


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Hi Kumsal,

Great to see you here and welcome to the forum..

I think I've enjoyed a Short Turkish Dance Performance recently in Singapore..

Where they have a small hard ball attached to the end of a rope and the dance includes the sound of the swinging ball hitting a hardboard flooring.

The male performer wore knee high boots with loose flowing outfit..
but didnt get a chance to say hi to them to learn more..