Hi from Canada :-)


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New here...tho not really as I have read forums on Orientaldancer.net for the past year or so off and on...what a helpful site!

I'm from Alberta Canada and have been dancing for about 3 years now. Last year, I tore the ligaments in the bottom of my feet, and was ordered off dancing and d@mn near everything else until they healed. They are finally healing and YIPPEE I am back to classes next week! I enjoy making costumes and am also looking forward to getting back to that.....I had a costume partially finished when I got the 'no dancing' order and was so depressed about it that it has sat there unfinished ever since!

Nice to meet everyone!


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Hi there and welcome :)

Enjoy reading and posting in this wonderfull place for oriental dance.

Maria Aya :)
Athens Greece