Hi from England! (The Midlands)


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Hello everyone.
I've been going to Egyptian dance classes for about a year now, and have performed at Sudbury dance festival and once at a Greek night in a pub!

I go dancing with my Mum, Aunt and Sister, and we all enjoy it greatly.
I look forward to haveing many good discussions with you all!


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I live in Yorkshire. :dance:

Welcome to the forum, it's always nice to see more Uk dancers join. :)

How are your classes going?


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Thanks for the warm welcome.
I live near Coventry, and that's where I go to my classes.
We've had a break for Christmas, but they start up again this Thursday and I'm looking forward to it!


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Hi Zaxon,

What you are doing sounds like fun!

Just want to say Hi and a Warm Welcome.!

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Hi there and welcome :)

Enjoy reading and posting in this wonderfull place for oriental dance.

Maria Aya :)
Athens Greece

p.s. from a greek that adore UK :D