Hi from Kansas, not Oz :)


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Hello all. My name is Jenny and I'm from Topeka, KS. I am a 50-year old beginning student with the Maya Zahira School of Belly Dance.

Who would have thought this would be the most physically challenging thing I've ever done. Hiking to the top of a mountain in Mexico and advanced pilates have nothing on the work towards isolating muscles and learning to concentrate movement of one body group while remaining still elsewhere. There's sooooo much to remember!

Shoulders back, chest up, knees soft, powerhouse pulled in, hands in pose, AND look relaxed. We'll just have to see how this klutz progresses. In addition to class I practice almost everynight to DVDs by the Bellytwins and Jenna.

I ran across this site and am hooked on Salome's (how do you add special punctuation?) veil video. She looks like a goddess.

Thanks for reading. Any helpful hints or DVD recommendations will always be appreciated. -j


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Hurray for another dancer of a certain age (I will be 52 later this month). Welcome, and check out some of the threads for comments on DVDs and CDS. Shanazel


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Welcome :)
Enjoy reading and posting and having fun and meeting people from all over the world that you share the same passion.

Maria Aya
Athens Greece