hip 8 back to front


Assuming you can do twists, slides and circles... The way I break it down to my students is to start by twisting your right hip back, do a hip slide back in that position, trace a horizontal circle with your right hip from that point to the front. So that now your left hip is twisted back and slide the hips back in that position and trace a circle to the front with the left hip. So you start by twist, slide, circle front, slide back, circle front, repeat. I have them do the the twist, slide and circle and when they have that sequence to round the corners off so to speak to create a fluid figure eight. I also have them do it with flat feet to help them keep the movement from going up and down.


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And do it with your muscles! Not only with skeleton/body weight. Really work with your abs. Keep the weight in the middle. And keep it horizontal, just like Salome said.