Hip Replacement -- At Last!


Hello Everyone...

I just got word from my physiotherapist that I am just a year away from getting my hip replacement. I'm getting really excited. It will be a prototype replacement and I shall be the first to receive it. There are risks, yes, but I am willing to take the leap if it gets me up on my feet. I'm glad now that I worked so hard to keep up the muscle tone in my legs and upper body. I've been told that that alone will go far in my recovery but it will still be about a year after that before I'm stable enough to try any serious belly-dancing.

I just want to thank everyone here for your kind words of encouragement. You kept me stable when I was on the brink of giving up. I'll keep you updated.




New member
It maybe a year before "serious" belly dance. But I have had people back in class within months. Taking it easy and watch which movements you do. And yes, fitness before surgery helps a lot. Good luck.