Holiday greetings 2019

Greek Bonfire

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I, too, look at the sunset times everyday and am looking forward to longer light days.

As an aside, I recently learned that in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, that the Christmas season last until the second week of January. I never knew that. Most practical people, however, have already taken down the decoration.


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I believe it depends on which calendar they are using, Julian or Gregorian. It's basically the Twelve Day of Christmas from the celebration of his birth to Epiphany. Bit of trivia. The song the Twelve Days of Christmas came from a time period in England (1558 - 1829) when Catholics weren't allowed to practice openly. Someone wrote it as a catechism for their children to help them memorize important tenets of their faith and hid it in a seasonal folk song. .


Being neither Christian nor particularly practical about holiday decorations, we often leave ours up until Imbolc on February 2. We don't have holly and blinking lights strung from every vertical surface so it's not overwhelming to leave the decorations up to light a few extra dark days.