How can I make a wig stay on?


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Hallo lovelies:

I wondered if any of you have tips for making a wig stay on through some really intense head rolls and backwards bending... I'm just growing out my hair but I have a show soon and I want to go up there in a bit of a wig seeing as my 9-months-grown-out pixie is fine for everyday cute casual outfits (I have kind of a strange kpop skater girl thing going that I like) but I'd prefer more drama onstage.



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I used to occasionally have to dance with a wig and I hated it. Still, this is how I kept the damned thing on:

Pin curls. All over my head, anchored by bobby pins. I used more bobby pins to anchor the wig to the pin curls. Very uncomfortable, pulled like hell, but the wig never wobbled.

Heavy and cheap hairspray also helps keep a wig from slipping because it makes one's hair slightly sticky and totally gross.

Either way, do not plan to venture forth with post-wig real hair until you wash it.
The technique I was shown was to make several little ponytails. Then take two adjacent ponytails, cross one over the other and pin them together - you've now got a "V" shape that you can pin the wig into, and it will be very secure. Repeat around the head as often as you feel necessary!
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