How can I measure the top piece b or c or d??


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Okay, I think I understand what you are asking. In American bra sizes, the number indicates the distance around a person's upper rib cage. The letter indicates the size of a person's breast. The number has nothing to do with the letter since rib cage size has nothing to do with breast size. A person might wear a 40-B, a 40-C, or a 40DDD, for example.

I just went to your e-bay site and understand a little more about what you are asking. Below is one description you offer. Bra size 3 means nothing to me. Hip measurements need to be in centimeters or inches. One person who weighs 165 lbs may have smaller hips than another person who weighs 165 lbs. You might say, "Hip width stretches from 42 to 48 inches." Instead of "the tall" the phrase you are looking for is "length."

So for a particular costume, you might state "Bra size 36-DDD. Hip width stretches from 38" to 44". Skirt length 41 inches."

Does that help or just make it more confusing?

bra size 3

hip stretching to 75 kg (165 lbs pounds)

the tall from hip to foot 105 cm ( 41.3 inch )

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