How do you pick which costume to perform in?


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Just for a bit of fun...

I'm dilemma-ing between a choice of two costumes for tonight's performance, and am completely stuck!

I was curious how you ladies decide which of your spangly wardrobe items comes out with you each time?! What goes through your mind: audience, venue, your mood, the mood of the song, the weather?

Usually I know which costume I see myself in by the time I've picked the piece, so I think I match the costume to the music! I think I subconsciously picked this up from my teacher, who confessed to doing the same thing! I haven't worked out if the costume choice influences how I dance the song though, especially if I'm choreographing it having subconsciously picked a costume already!

As an example, my current thought process is:
Tonight is oum kalthoum 'baed anak' so the costume choice is between a very 'regal' hoda zaki in royal blue satin (which has a big flowy skirt that accentuates the turns and arabesques in the piece), or a 'softer' romantic fishtail hunter green/black with crystals. :think: Hmm, decisions!


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That's why it's nice to only have one costume! :lol: All I have to chose is the skirt and veil, but that's a hard one too...

I believe I speak for everyone when I demand pictures of whichever you choose...


Yes costume choice is sometimes hard. Not at the moment for me, because most of mine don't fit anymore, but I'm building up a fitting costume collection again :D. I'd say I used to look at different aspects of a performance: is there a theme for the event? The music, the audience etc. I never really had trouble chosing. Part is also I always used to do 2 sets, so there are two choices of costumes! Makes it easier ;)
At the moment I dance for a theatre company and I adjust to the theme of the show, which is pretty easy.


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I take the one's I haven't had for a few days. Check that the colors are different in each set. And the bottom line is just what ever I fancy that day.


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Since most people aren't familiar with belly dancing here, I look at the venue first and see if they have any requests. I've had gigs where they requested a certain costume color (not that I have costumes in every color...usually calls are made to dance friends for that) and gigs where a one-piece costume was preferred.

I did have a gig two days ago that asked for a "sexy' costume - I made sure to go in my most modest costume!!