How important is a dance name in performance?


I like a lot of the stage names in my city, I prefer the ones that aren't prefixed by a title, "princess, queen " etc but that is purely personal taste.
I don't like that either, but I can imagine that some dancers have chosen that because it might work with some artist agencies and settings. It sounds a bit dated though, I think people now don't add it to a name anymore.


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I tried using a couple of stage names, but they never stuck. Too many people already knew me by my real name in my community. My town and state isn't populated enough for me to be under the radar.

Pushing the name issue would have felt wrong for me. I've never felt like someone else when dancing. It's not a persona I put on, it's still just me. Everyone is different!

The only time I use a pseudonym is here :cool: When I joined, a couple of my students were regular posters and I wanted to be able to ask questions without them knowing I was referring to them. Am I sneaky or what?

Farasha Hanem

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I love my name. It feels like ME, so much so, that now I think of myself as Farasha Hanem as much as I do my real name. I love the meaning, and the fact that it was my dance family who came up with it. <3 It makes me feel even more connected to you. <3<3<3


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"Her Serene Highness Shanazel" has a certain appeal... :think: Except on days when a more apropos moniker would be "Her Frazzled Lowness Shanazel."


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I had been on forums for years before I finally found a class, and then dance forums, plus I am a very private person so for me the idea of creating a name that I could use anonymously but still be "me" as a dancer came naturally.

However, in the first year I was here on this forum a good friend I met here who I would chat with occasionally off the board was stalked by the same guy who had previously stalked my (at the time) dance teacher. I got the two in touch and as the one in the middle I got to find out just why anonymity for a dancer can be a very good thing. I will admit to being the paranoid type but after that my feelings became that if you are going to perform publicly (outside of in-studio and student performances where you know everyone attending) it is a very good idea to have an alias for performing.

Why did I pick the name I did? There is a reeeeeally long story behind it but the real meat of it is that I simply don't feel comfortable using an Arabic/Middle Eastern name since I very much am neither and dancing under one would have felt to me as if I was lying. So I went Greek. It's close to Turkey right? ;)

By the by, does anyone actually know how to pronounce Eleni? I can't find a solid answer. :(


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I made up my name by combining the Hebrew word for rose (shoshanna) with a word that means "bell" or "cymbal" in Farsi and Turkish and "happy" in Yiddish (zel).