How is this move called?


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Its awfully fast - but it looks like a type of corkscrew to me. Maybe somebody with better eyes than I have?


Looks to me like she's just doing a fast hip circle combined with a balancing movement of her upper body.


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you'll want to start with mastering an umi:


Then once you have a good sense of control with that base movement, you add a turn that emphasizes one hip like this:


Then to get it to look like the woman in the video, well, she actually does it differently the second time than the first. The first it is more or less just her hips, the above break down sped up. The second time she lets the upper body respond with a simultaneous circle. I don't have a youtube video handy to break that down for you. A corkscrew move is similar, but actually isolates the hips and chest circles letting each one flow into the other consecutively. So to get this simultaneous circle, it actually requires less control. I'd just try throwing your arms over your head and pretty much draw a circle on the ceiling with your hands and let the rest of your torso loose to respond naturally. It should send your hips and your chest into circles in opposing directions. Then add the paddle turn and there you go.

But just a general note, youtube isn't really the best way to learn belly dance a) because you can't get any feedback on if you are doing it right, if you might injure yourself, if your posture is off etc, and b) you don't really have a teacher there to help you get beyond a collection of "moves" into some really good connected and meaningful dancing.

So, I hope this is just to supplement your practice for a class you are taking with a real live teacher.


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Thanks a lot for the replies :)

Do you have any links to belly dance performances where you can actually see it happen instead of on tutorials?


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I know it isn't what you asked for - but I strongly suggest a live, human teacher. First because if you had one you would have come across a range of hip circles by the time you completed beginner level. Without a good set of basic moves you are unlikely to be able to correctly go onto more difficult stuff. Also a worry for me, is that umis are problematic at the best of times - I don't teach them to all students as they can cause back problems and at speed are likely to unless the dancer has good postural ab engagement. Learning off the internet (or from DVDs) means you can be doing them wrong and hurt yourself.


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Thanks for the feedback :), however it is not that I am necessarily having trouble performing the move but I would like to see more of its incorporations in actual performances. It looks like a common move yet I cant really find it in other performances...


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Depends on the style. For instance, I've been told it is not part of the classical (Egyptian) Orientale repertoire (I'm sure people can find clips of Egyptians doing it - the key words were "classical" and "Orientale").