How much belly must a belly cover cover?

I know that in Egypt, a "belly cover" is essential, but what does that mean? I think I've seen some mention that it is, in fact, just the navel area - so something like this dress would count as a belly cover, even though it shows quite a bit of tummy. Is that true?


I think it depends a lot on who is in power, who is enforcing the regulations/laws and where the dancer is performing. Just in the time I've been a dancer it has changed a LOT so my advice is if you are planning on going to Egypt to perform, ask a local dancer or six before heading over just so you don't run afoul of the law on the basis of what you knew was right last week.
I'm not planning to perform in Egypt (I wish I was that good, or that young). It's just a question that came up and I realised I didn't know the answer.

Greek Bonfire

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Last I knew, the full abdominal area had to be covered. I've seen dancers use clear covers so you can see the belly yet meets the requirements. I'd say it's better to dance in Dubai :)