How old?

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How old were you when you first discovered/started studying bellydance?

I'm sixteen years old and I just started taking classes. So far, I'm hooked. :D


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Was 21 and a mother :rolleyes: , my daughter's nunny was in her 60's and was a dancer in her youth greek-egyptian. She dragged me doing every day some move's without music, i was just doing her a favor, after many years i realized what was happening :p Silly me.
So lets say at my 27 I got total hooked
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I think I was in my late teens when I started wondering if I could move like that, (and trying to isolate different body parts) but didn't take a class until my early 20s.

Since then, it's been at the back of my mind, and at 28 I'm totally hooked!


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I started at age 23. I'm 25 now, and not a day goes by I don't wish I had started to take lessons sooner... it would have been so wonderful to start at sixteen... or even better, at six :D


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24 with a 2 year old daughter... haha, now I'm 25 and she is 3 so obviously, not that long ago and as Zurah said, I wish I would have started sooner...


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Yep !!! I wish I'd started earlier too... I saw my first dancer ever at a fate when I was 10 or so but at 18 was when I took an interest but circumstance then would not allow it :-( I had to wait quite a few years !!


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I had just gone sixteen when I did it properly. Before that I knew how to isolate different parts of my body cause it was quite natural, and I had been taking Body Popping since being little.

I'm seventeen now :)


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I had also just gone sixteen when I started. I've been hooked ever since.

I'm going to be nineteen in 7 days (26th lol) :cool:


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I started "dabbling: with DVDs at about 26. Took a couple of lessons from a friend of my sister-in-law a couple years ago. Started with Yasmine last summer at 30. Hooked for life. I'm a mom, too. Have a two-year old daughter who I hope will become a rakkasah!


I was 12 years old when I started formal lessons but my mother is a Belly dancer, caught the 70's belly dance fever, so I had early exposure.

belly taz

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i was 36....i wish i had started in my teens when i had a toned body,after my daughter its never ben the same, she dances with sometimes:)


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I always loved watching belly dance as a teen,took my breath away.
I started dancing at 29 years of age.
I was thinking yesterday how I wish I would have started sooner,but then right now seems perfect,and by the amount I dance I am certainly making up for it!!




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I started at 21, and have been dancing for three years now. Oddly, I have never actually thought that "I should have started earlier". It sort of goes the other way - I can't wait til the day I have aqcuired enough experience... Even though I am not sure this moment will ever arrive, huh?;)


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I wish I had started younger but my friend (whose also my teacher) says that things happen when the time is right. I don't think I would have been as devoted if I had started at a different time in my life.
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I started at the age of 29, took lessons for 2 years in a lebanese restaurant (what a gorgeous and unforgotten time). I restarted last year at the age of 39 and now I wish I was 8-10 years younger but with the same life experience.

I noticed that in Germany most BD'ers start taking classes when they are in their 30's or 40's.

What about your impression in your countries?


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I was 20 when I started to take lessons (I'm 21 now)

I was 16 when I discovered it was possible in the Netherlands to take lessons, but I didn't had the money myself at that moment and I didn't want to ask my parents cause they were already paying for my music lessons.


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Hi all.
I was 20, I am 21 now. I wanted to start elier but I didn't know where to go for lesons. Oh maybe I was to sceardto try. Stupid of me. I love it from the first shimmy.:)
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