how to measure bedlah?


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Hi there, I have several bra/belt sets that I would like to offer for sale in Market Place. I know that each set is roughly 44" in the hip and 42" in the bra and D cup, but I want to measure as true as I can; a set is as only good as its fit. I would also appreciate input on how to describe iridescent colors, for example, one set looks base medium green and shimmers copper, another has a base fuchsia and shimmers orange-the light play is outrageous!:cool: And, a point in the direction on picture posting instructions. Whew! Thank you!
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Welcome to the forum. I have moved your thread to costumes for the advice you seek. Later when you are ready you can open a thread in Market Place with pics sizes etc.

Photos would go a long way in showing the colours and I also think how you described the colours is pretty good.

To measure the belts is pretty straight forward, just measure from end to end, and you could also measure the depth at the widest point if you wanted too. The bra - lay it stretched out on a flat surface and measure the length, mention the size bust they were purchased for, and measure the inside of the cups diagonally & horizontally.

Here is a website that explains it But will it FIT me? - Nhazama Tribal Designs ( it is very busy with lots of background pics, but does have some pics of where & how to measure).

The FAQ here Belly Dance Forums - FAQ: Reading and Posting Messages explains about uploading pic/photos. If you still can't sort it out, do ask again, we will help you sort it out.


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Thank you!

I am printing out all the great information and, with some trial and error, will get these beauties posted. I am so excited at the thought of someone enjoying them! :dance: The decision to sell them took time to bloom forth and has been motivated by visions of me dancing in my head, and my desire to sew, and how I have changed in my dance. :shok::think::clap::lol: I looked at other descriptions and then figured out (some) of my questions. Thank you very much!