I Am Disgusted.


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Also, for every little girl shaking her booty in fishnets on YT (and that's the parents fault :naghty: ), there is also an appropriately dressed little girl, doing something she loves, with the proper adult supervision. I thought this was an excellent example:

I have to say, off topic, her hair is just adorable.


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Hence why is doesn't matter if you post pics or videos of your kids online. In fact, your kid is safer with a pic online, then actually going outside.

I'm confused. Is this about posting kids belly dance clips on line where pervs the world over can easily find them at the drop of a search term, or adding more boring-to-anyone-but-relations pics to Facebook?

The consequence of attracting the attentions of the local weirdo could certainly be worse, but a) the likelihood is low, and b) there's nothing you can do about it short of never going out. The consequences of attracting the on-line version are maybe less, but the likelihood of attracting the on-line version to something like children belly dancing in a very adult style is approaching certainty. And it's totally avoidable.

You can't protect your kid from everything, and everyone. Does that mean you can't let your kid out of his/her room until they're adults?

Of course not - it's your job as a parent to give them the skills to look after themselves, and you can't do that by shutting them away from what they will one day have to deal with. But you should try to control how much they are exposed to until they start to understand the bigger picture.

You also mentioned facebook which is actually a safe place to share videos and pics with just friends, and family since only the people you add can see them.

If you have your privacy locked down so only your friends see it, yes. But plenty of people don't. Even friends of friends means everyone. For boring friends and family clips, meh, who cares? I just think responsible adults should have an eye to misinterpretation and not put on "I know it's perfectly innocent so where's the problem?" blinkers.


The comments are still there *vomit*, or maybe they are new ones, these sicko's need to be reported and tracked down. I wonder why the comments haven't been taken off. This video needs to be kept private for family and her friends only.

The other video was different (she will become an excellent dancer I bet), I think that was for a belly dance audience, but will of course still attract sicko's on YT. Lot's of belly dancers have belly dancing kids, think of Suhaila's daughter, she was on stage at the age of 2 or 3?