I Oriental Festival "Arabesque" in Belarus 22-23 november 2008

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Dear oriental dance lovers!

We invite you to become a fantastic holiday parties!

For the first time in Belarus will be held November 22-23

1 International Oriental dance Festival "Amsher".

The festival will be held with the support of the League of Bellydance Masters (Moscow).

The League of Bellydance Masters - this commonwealth masters art of bellydance Russia. It is composed of famous Russian dancers and teachers. President of the League - Elena Ramazanova - known dancer and choreographer-director, a specialist on folklore and classical Arabic dance. League brings together the best Russian dancers and teachers with the aim of creating a unified information base.

The unprecedented event for Belarus - 3 stars immediately east of dance come to the festival!

Elena Ramazanova - President of the League of Bellydance Masters, one of the most famous dancers, a recognized expert in the field of bellydance, and certainly, director-choreographer number one in Russia on Arab folklore and classical dance.

Lina Vehbe - teacher-choreographer of the League of Bellydance Masters in Moscow. The leading performer of the Lebanese style.

Elena Voroshilova - teacher-choreographer of the League of Bellydance Masters in Moscow. The leading performer traybl style.

All our guests will hold workshops to be held on November 23, the topic will let a little later. And also will be judged on November 22 contest program.

And of course will shine on the evening gala concert on November 23!

But that's not all star visitors to the festival! But this is still a surprise!

Competition Program will be held on 22 November.

The conference will write a bit later, the question now being addressed with the platform. We want to ensure that all participants festival - contestants, the jury and spectators, feel equally comfortable!


Age of dancers from 14 to 17 years

-- Solo Raks Sharky girls
-- Solo Show Belly Dance girls
-- Solo Folk girls

-- Group Raks Sharky girls
-- Group Show Belly Dance girls
-- Group Folk girls

Age of dancers from 18 years

-- Solo Raks Sharky professionals
-- Solo Raks Sharky non-professional
-- Solo Raks Sharky men
-- Solo Folk
-- Solo Show Belly Dance
-- Group Raks Sharky
-- Folk Group
-- Group Show Belly Dance

Age of participants from 35 years

-- Solo Raks Sharky seniors

Nomination groups - from 3 people.

Registration Fee:

solo - 10 euros

group - 30 euros

The situation on the festival and all the subsequent information will soon add!

More information can be found here:
tel.: +375296585177
E-mail: bellydance@tut.by

Soon, work will begin the festival site.
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Is it part of National or Euro Competitions? Or is it a separate Festival? Is it the 1st year it is held?