I want silk isis wings: Look!


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You know when you accidentally go on a meander through youtube by randomly clicking related clips? Well look what I found, and I WANT SOME!

YouTube - Bishi 'The Swan'
They exist in the belly dance world and I believe they are called "veil wings." I've never seen them with quite this much fabric, though...

I've never seen them in the US, but they are pretty big in Brazil and I suspect they might catch on here soon enough.



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Actually, I might be changing my mind - that's a helluva lotta ironing to do :shok:!


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ooo I wants but I like a pair that attach at the wrists rather than having to hold sticks.


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I had to stop the second clip about 30 seconds in, Yame -- the stuttering of the filming combined with the zebra stripes fried my vision. (Need to do eye exercises to restore vision :rolleyes:)

The second set shown is very easy to make, and is a bigger version of what I learned to call a "butterfly veil". It is simply two squares or rectangles of fabric that are attached to a collar or necklace. The "hand end" can be attached using wristbands, finger loops (I used stretch rhinestone rings for mine), or (if a wider rectangle is used) onto sticks.

The first set shown is similar, except for it is one giant (!) square with a hole in the center that you put your head through. That set looks cumbersome and based on the dancing shown, limits movement.

My teacher had us make butterfly veils (out of chiffon) for a number a few years ago. She had us make them no wider than our arm length and no longer than our armpit to floor distance. These were NOT cumbersome and actually allowed us to do regular dance steps, showing hip work, etc.

But, silk would have a very different flow than chiffon, so, I might have to consider a second butterfly veil out of that. :think: