If I won the lottery I'd shop at...


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I stretched and bought from Kathleen Crowley. Still waiting on my order, but I'm sure they'll be fabulous.

da Sage

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Flying Skirts for tribal gear, Eshta Amar for a custom orientale dealie. Plus I'd buy whatever I wanted, anywhere else, and get it all custom tailored. I would make it my personal goal to stimulate the economy. :D:lol:


Hi, folks. I am moving this to Games where it may draw the attention of more players. See ya there!

If I won the lottery, I'd hire my own personal pattern adjuster- I am not so fond of that part of sewing!


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I think I would have to go on a tour of Egypt, Turkey and India to setup some fabric and tailor contacts....I had better start saving my pennies or at least buy some lotto!


Velvet Peacock and Flying Skirts do have beautiful things indeed!

i'd shop at Bella. I already did :)


"The Veiled Male"
If I won the lottery, I'd hire my own dressing assistant/makeup artist/costume designer/dance coach!

The really bad thing? I already know exactly who would be my first choice!


I'm out of the dance costume market but I'd drop a bundle at Soft Surroundings if I had more money than I've got sense.


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I'm afraid if I won a lottery I wouldn't be shopping. I would hire a personal seamstress to make my clothes based on my personal designs. Someone who could go down to Vegas with me and pick up a selection of fabric bolts that I could be inspired by. That would be heaven.

It would also be after I bought my own house and my dream car, and reduced my monthly expenses.

Farasha Hanem

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They usually are - I think they start at around 5 mil and go up from there. Plenty of Mdme Ablas in the closet!

:shok: Then I would buy every type of Saroyan zils in existence, ALL the instructional DVDs and CD music, and the most beautiful collection of veils ever! :D

Oh! And a doumbek, and a pair of LED light-up Isis wings! :p

And maybe a few more dress costumes! :p