Inspiration to take up bellydancing


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Nothing really, saw an ad that classes were starting near to me so decided to go along & see what it was all about, fell in love & the rest is history:)


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Similar to Mosaic, I was stuck abroad and missed dancing so I did a quick search for dance classes and belly dancing was the only one in my area that was taught in English XD


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An article in Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1966 (I was eleven) followed by seeing Anoush Kasabian dance at Fresno State University ten years later.


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Well - I am a nerd and have been attending DragonCon in Atlanta for 15 years... About 8 years ago, I dragged my mother (who was then in her 60s) to her first DragonCon (She's been coming with me ever since.) On the last day of DragonCon, Kira Lang offered a 45 minute basic belly dance class and my mother wanted to go. I knew nothing about belly dance and went with her to humor her. 15 minutes in and I was completely hooked. It took me another year and a half to find a teacher anywhere near me before I could start regular classes, but I kept at it. First teacher quit teaching 8 months after I found her. 2nd teacher quit teaching 10 months after I found her. But I have been with my current instructor ever since and feel like she is the person I was meant to find to teach me. I came to this dance later in life and I know I will never be a paid pro dancer, but I want to gain professional level knowledge, skills and ethical practices. Even if I never 'go pro' I want to be able to pass on what I learn. So go Mom! Go DragonCon! Yeah!

Sophia Maria

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I had already danced modern for a few years--and I knew I liked dance, but modern didn't grab me. My friend then convinced me to do her BD choreography in a school talent show when I was 15...and then I just couldn't stop listening to Arabic music. There's just something about that music :D


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I had only ever seen it on television, but thought it looked so glamorous and elegant and promised myself that if I had the chance I would try it. When I saw an ad for a class at my local community centre I grabbed the chance. I loved it even more than I thought I would and am completely hooked - like Sophia Maria said, there's just something about the music. I never had any interest in dancing before, other kinds of dancing just don't have the same appeal to me