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Hi there mates
I was thinking and discussing these days about a certain subject.
Seems that from last year there is a boom worldwide with oriental dance festivals.
I've been in one of them (NileGroup) and planing to go to October to UK JewelofYorkshire.
So the BIG question is:
Do we really go there for the dance part?
Or its other things?
And also, do we really improve our dance skills?

I have some in mind but would like to listen some ideas.

Maria Aya:)


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I have personally never attended one but know of a group of people coming back from Egypt's Ahlan wa sahlan. I am interested to hear what they thought and I'll let you know......


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My Hungarian friend has just got back from Cairo; she attended the Nile Group festival and visited Ahlan Wa Sahlan. She tells me that she enjoyed the workshops at the Nile Group, it was good fun and she had a great time. Ahlan Wa Sahlan - very crowded, not many Egyptian teachers and people seem to go to be seen rather than to learn.

I've been to dance festivals in five different European countries. I go primarily to study - the wonderful shows and meeting new friends are bonuses! I love talking to people from other countries and hearing about their dance scenes.

Definitely, I see people who are there just to schmooze and get themselves invited to teach or perform (regardless of their talent).


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AHH! Maria! I live near where thats being held! I will go and visit yer cause I want to go misen. So I'll have a reyt time looking out forthy! :D The Jewel of Yorkshire that is. It looks brill!

da Sage

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This pilgrimage is not to Mecca

It seems that you are not considered a serious dancer/teacher unless you have studied in the Middle East. I have seen that under qualifications again and again.

While studying in the Middle East and North Africa is great, it's possible to learn from directly from famous dancers and authentic traditional dancers who tour/relocate to the USA and most European countries. Learned American/Europeans give workshops and produce videos.

I think that it used to be *much* more important to "study abroad". Now that bellydance is bigger, travel to the ME is less crucial for learning, but maybe it is even more important for a dancer's reputation.

What do the professionals think? (and everyone else, too)


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I believe that we have fallen in the trap of making an "instruction collection for our dance biography" I'm one of the people that have done it, but now i'm rethinking.
Its a great feeling to be in a festival and meet people from the universal dance community.
Its great to be in an arab country and feel the "essense" of the dance.
But as for the learning part... hmm... well lets say we have to pick very carefull the instructors.
Maria Aya


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Cairo dance seminar

I have personally never attended one but know of a group of people coming back from Egypt's Ahlan wa sahlan. I am interested to hear what they thought and I'll let you know......

Hi Michelle,

I am bellydance instructor since 25 years, I don't stop going to workshop, festival, you always get something add to your knowledge when you get out from a dancing class, workshop or festival. If you are interested to try a special seminar in Cairo by Masters, here is the information,

November 6 to 12 in Cairo, Egypt
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• 240 square meter.
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• The room also equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment.

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