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I am sort of new to performing I have a couple of years under my belt. I do mostly student shows and haflas. I always struggle over writing my intro. I am not big on self confidence and putting myself on a pedastal so talking about myself is hard. other than the generic sort of I hope you enjoy my performance type of thing I can not usually come up with anything. Any ideas? PS I have a performance on Sunday that I need to come up with an intro for.


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I usually just tell them my name, the name of the piece of music and type of bellydance I am doing such as modern oriental, modern cabaret, classical egyptian, etc.


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Most of the dancers here, if they dance solo, just give their name, how long they've been dancing, sometimes where, or if they've had any interesting, well-known teachers or dance experiences, and possibly their inspirations (either for dancing in general, or as related to what they're about to do), and then, like teela said, the song and type of dance, as well as any credit for help they may have had with choreography.


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Unless they are asking for a long intro, I usually just give them my name, the name of the song/artist and maybe style of music/dance if relevant. If it's a big event, I might say where I'm from. If you are using someone else's choreography, please credit the choreographer.

If people are interested in my background they can ask me. I don't like to clutter the intro with information about how long I've been dancing, whom I've studied with, my influences or with a bunch of superlatives claiming I'm a great dancer and bla bla bla. Not many people want to hear that, they just want to get to the dancing already and then they can make up their minds for themselves.

That sort of thing might work well as a bio in a show program or website, where people can choose to read it or not. But in the middle of a show, shorter is better.


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My name, where I'm from, name of song and artist, choreographer if not me, brief description of what I'm about to perform. Keeps the show moving along if dancers don't overdo with the intro.


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I agree with the other posts - keep it short and sweet. I give a mental eye roll when I hear someone describe themselves as inspirational or list everyone they've ever taken a class from.