Invitation to participate on the 1st World Competition in Oriental Dance


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does anyone know who won on this so called "contest"?It is a shame for oriental dance. I am from slovenia and when I heard that a world contest is in our country I was happy but when I heard all the circumstances and saw the some clips of the show on the news I was more than schocked, the girls dancing there really have no idea and no respect for the oriental dance and art. It's a pity that people have this kind of opinion of oriental dance, comparing it to stripping, just yesterday I saw in our show of Big Brother how one of the girls (who is a stripper) strip danced on arabic oriental music and I was so angry!We should do something to change this opinion, and our dancing oriental school is trying to do that with a lots of shows in which we present oriental dance as art and as the way of life in 'orient' in it's traditional ways. We hope we will achieve some progress in people's minds. I wish you all pleasure in dancing oriental dance!!!


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the dancer from the poster is Alanya and she is from Slovenia.

Society of Alanca Belly Dance Show
Alanya Dance Show - you are welcome to see my webpage of bellydance show and also other dance spectacles.
(but this link does not exsits anymore) other link: Alanya Dance - TALENTI.SI - Portal za vse talente
i must say she is not so much a bellydancer but more show dancer. we have better bellydancers in slovenia but alanya!:cool:


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well i guess we make it in a competition now.i think its stupid
.competing and allso the name exoticsa.come on guys.they want to be taken seriouse then please act serious.good dancers trey to get it a good name etc.i suggest they need to take a deep breath and think.


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Uhm... except for that blonde dancer doing something on the floor that was obviously not bellydance, and the cane dancer that didn't know how to use a cane in an appropriate way, I guess it was ok.
I second this opinion.


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What if this is something as horrible as human trafficking?? Something to be extremely wary of, in my humble opinion.

good for you clever girl

you got it in one

that is exactly what this is

The Celestial Belly Dancers are a small cog in the wheel of an international ring of pornographers and human traffickers headed by a man called Gregorian Bivolaru, AKA Grieg, sweety, guru and a whole lot of other names, founder of MISA, NATHA and various other yoga schools that are effectively using a variety of techniques to lure young women into the sex industry.

It wouldn't be so bad if the girls got to keep the money, but it doesn't work like that, the sex work is considered community work or "karma yoga" and by donating all their money to MISA the girls believe that they are "burning karma" and so becoming spiritually evolved and avoiding being eternally locked into the wheel of reincarnation.

I have photos saved of many of the "dancers" in this set up showing that they also perform as porn actresses. The dancers role, as far as I can make out, is to seduce VIPS in the world of politics and finance and subsequently to blackmail them if necessary. It is all extremely sordid and nasty

Please do not take my word for this, please check out the threads about this group on this website, which was set up for former members of MISA who have managed to leave the group • Index page

most of the threads are in Romanian but there are English speaking areas on the site, the best place to start, with an overview, is here

Forbidden Knowledge :: Users' own reports

horrific storied of ruined lives here

Forbidden Knowledge :: NATHA, AGAMA, TARA, etc

You might also want to search the site for the word "celestial" (how I found this thread here) and you will find some very interesting material

I am extremely interested in obtaining any screen grabs from the website, which is now offline and if anyone has them can they please PM me with further details.

thanks and take care


edited to add

If anyone doubts the truth of this then you can validate what I say in the following way

google search for "mihai stoian"

You should be able to have a look at his blog, the 2nd link is in English

he is a very senior yoga instructor for MISA and can be seen a few links down in a video being interviewed about spirituality and art

then if you google for "magic passage - making off" you will find another film on google that is part porn film (definitely NSFW) and part a documentary advocating making porn movies as a spiritual enlightening activity.

The actors in the film, Paul and Claire Diamond, are Mihai Stoian and his wife Adina.
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I will break the following link so as not to direct traffic to this site, but here is a link to one of the establishments in Romania linked to MISA


Just to give you an idea, here's a C&P of some of the text from the site


Welcome to Lucky Love Striptease Club - Night Bar - Oriental Belly Dance - Massage Salon - Topless - High Class Night Club in Bucharest, Romania

About us

Lucky Love
str. Stirbei Voda 29A
sector 1, Bucuresti
Club: Salon de Masaj:
315 03 75 315 03 75
0720 02 44 67 0723 45 75 29


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Uhm... except for that blonde dancer doing something on the floor that was obviously not bellydance, and the cane dancer that didn't know how to use a cane in an appropriate way, I guess it was ok.

Yes that was exotic(eroctic) stripper floor show material. Very distasteful. Well in the USA Exotic dance refers to stripping in strip bars... In general the word Exotic refers to something diffrent and exciting (country, look, style).


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When I was studying dance at the university, there was a rumor going around for the first couple of months, among the other students, that I was a stripper. The sole basis for this rumor was that I was a belly dancer.

Well, what can we do? There are still those in the public who equate belly dancing with stripping. And the advent of all these new classes, such as pole dancing, cardio strip tease, cardio booty blast, etc., probably doesn't help as these classes suggest that anything involving moving the hips or rib cage is about titillation (no pun intended).


Ignorance of those who do not understand the culture, or concept behind Raq Sharqui. It is sad . Reminds me of the comment made by that Vegas pig farmer on wife swap, who said belly dancers were glorified stippers.


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Interestingly, one of the most popular workshops at the forthcoming Celebration of Miles Copeland (yes, I do mean that how it's written!), Raqs Britannia, was entitled "Burlesque Arabesque" but the title has recently been changed to "Fantastic Arabesque" and the description has also been censored to remove all references to burlesque:
In the 60's and 70's Belly dancers were part of the burlesque scene and performed in theaters, burlesue shows with vaudvile and burlesque(stripper) dancrs. I know I grew up around it and my dad performed(magic, illuiions, escapes) with them on the bill sometimes. Come to think of it I knew an old agent in NYC years ago (90's)with belly dancers from that era on his wall . And they wore pastis and see through skirts. All along 8th ave were clubs with dancers and there were burlesque theaters where belly dancers performed with pasties and see through skirts. Just an observation. Princess Farhana does both as I do..

Just an observation.........