It's time...


New member say hello to everybody.

I have been reading along for quite some time and now I felt it would be more polite to just register and introduce myself.

Nice to be here...



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Thank you ladies for the nice welcome,

I have been dancing for 5 years now and in the last few months I finally noticed how big this bellydance community actually is worldwide.

And it's wonderful to know there is a place where I can get all the answers I've been looking for... and hopefully give some of it back. :pray:

As I come from classical ballet I love dancing classical raks sharki but have my difficulties doing a true baladi :( as it will always look a bit fairy-like.

Again thanks and "see" you soon.


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Welcome Janaan !!! on board :D
Enjoy reading, posting, learning and having fun
A small advice for baladi, just go with the flow of the music, dont think the movements and they will come;)

Maria Aya, Athens Greece :)