JAMIL- The evolution of bellydance, a male perspective...


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YouTube - JAMIL- The evolution of bellydance, a male perspective...
JAMIL - 'the Evolution of Belly Dance, Through a Males Perspective...'

Time and Place Date: Friday, November 28, 2008
Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Street: Corner of City Rd and Cleveland St
City/Town: Darlinghurst, Australia

Belly dance as an art has evolved dramatically in the last century. From the pioneering days, through to the golden era to the modern glitz that is oriental dancing, belly dancing has seen many facades that have sculpted and structured the alluring art form.

As belly dance generates newer followers, non-stereotypical enthusiasts are flocking to the dance style in an attempt to capture a sense of its mysteriousness and invoke in an understanding of the oriental past.

Jamil, (one of Sydney’s premiere belly dancers), takes to the stage in a one night only event to explore the past, present and future of belly dance. Focusing on the major periods in the East, the influences that have shaped the accompanying dance form are projected through the interpretation of melodic Arabian rhythm and beats.

Using a variety of belly dance styles from across the world and prop techniques Jamil conveys to audiences that the dance of the Middle East is much more profound then extravagant costuming and a series of hip movements that is specific to females.

For tickets please log onto:

http://www.seymour.usyd.edu.au/ or phone box office on 9351 7940

Please note limited seats are available.