Joharah, Hanan, Madame Abla, & King of the Nile Costumes for sale


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I bought this about 2 years ago from a dancer and never wore it. I just recently bought the same costume with a longer skirt so I am selling this one.

It was told to me that this was made by Joharah as a knock-off of a another designer's costume. It has the tags. It has this cute jagged edge on one side of the bra with nice big stones. It is a black extremely stretchy material with little silver holographic stars sewn on. The front of the skirt ruffles a little which is cute. A very nice look.

High slit but the ruffle down the leg to help cover.

There are some stars missing on the skirt but I did not notice until I did my "inspection". I am including a bag of extra stars so they can easily be sewn on. There are small white marks where the stars should go so you have guides. Looks like it was done with a fabric chalk as a guide.


Width: 40
Diagonal: 8.5
Up/Down: 6.5
Left/Right: 7
Halter with straps tied

Width: 30-44 (I told you it is stretchy ..big-grin.:)
Length: 34

Price: $120 NOW $110 - includes US shipping and fees

When looks a lot like this...JUST AN EXAMPLE!
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King of the Nile Costume - NEW!

I bought this brand new for me and just does not fit me and I ended up buying another costume so this one has to go. I tried it on once. But since the bottom was tight, I did not even get it on so I packed it up.

Lots of rhinestones and sparklies. The waist band is tied so it will fit any size. Lots of hanging beads and big fat stones on the bra. This is so lovely

From King of the Nile....

Size Cup Size :C
Bra U/D: 6.5
Bra S/S: 7.5
Bra Diagonal: 8
Underbust will fit up to 35 inches
Upper Hip should be between 36 to 38 inches
Skirt Length is 40.5 inches

Set Includes:
- Bra
- Skirt
- Headband
- Armbands (2)

NOW $185 + Free US Shipping

More pictures here: KOTN Turquoise
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Madame Able Skirt Set

I purchased this from Iman Nour of Fantastic Designs (Madame Abla's cousin I think).

The set includes skirt, 2 arm bands and a rectangular veil.

I never used this. I tried it on before I bought it and only took it out of the bag to take pictures. It has been stored in a bag out of natural light since 2008 - when I bought it from Iman.

Waist is stretchy. Up to 40 when streched. Hips do not stretch but measures flat up to 40.

38 inches in length.

Nice soft needs to be used...

$225 (price includes US shipping)

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Hanan Moonlight Black and Silver Costume - NOW $250 + shipping

This is a stunning Hanan that is flattering for all sizes. The black and lightly sparkled material adds a lot of elegance to this piece. The bra has a stretchy strap that makes the top versatile for all chest widths. The skirt features cute cut-outs that could easily be covered over with fabric if preferred. This is a one of a kind beauty. This costume originally had a waist strap that has been removed. This can easily be tacked on if preferred and is included.

The beading is silver and white. The skirt material is sparkle black and lace is in between the folds.

I did and up close and personal investigation of the whole costuem. All I found were three missing rhinestones on the side buckles. I did not notice them at all until I got really close. With so much shine - it is hard to see

Costume includes: Bra, Belt, waist strap, 2 cuffs, headband

Width max: 33
Cup: B/C (currently padded for A)
Measurements - Vertical: 5 1/2
Measurements - Horizontal: 6 1/2
Measurements - Diagonal: 7

Length: 38
Upper Hip: 32-39(stretchy)
Lower Hip: 40+(stretchy)

DISCOUNTED to $250 + shipping

More Pictures - Midnight Hanan

Will ship anywhere!


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